Ibrahim & Kadiatu


Kadiatu Conte is a seventeen-year-old mother who is separated from her 18-month-old son, Ibrahim, when he begins to show signs of Ebola. Kadiatu never tests positive for Ebola, but her household is hit hard. We first meet Kadiatu at a holding center, where Nurse Kadija has to separate her from her son for the latter’s treatment. Then Kadiatu and her entire compound are quarantined for 21 days. Inside the compound, the women are confined to helping each other and their children, while the men routinely break the quarantine to go work. Ibrahim and Kadiatu’s aunt both survive and return to join the quarantined household.

“When my family visits him they say he is doing fine, but my heart is still confused until I see him with my own eyes. I think that they are hiding something from me.” 


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