Now the Healing Begins

November 9, 2015    

Lansana Mansaray, Freetown Media Center manager

Lansana Mansaray, Freetown Media Center manager

Greeting to all our incredible supporters!

I wanted to reach out and thank you all again for the incredible support you have given us during this difficult time. We are nearing an important milestone here in Sierra Leone.  If no new cases are reported by November 7th it will mark 42 consecutive days and Sierra Leone will be declared Ebola Free.

Everybody in Sierra Leone is ready to turn the page and begin rebuilding our country. At the WeOwnTV Freetown Media Center, we have begun to shift our social impact activities to address more complex psychosocial issues affecting the country. We have renamed our campaign accordingly to, “Now The Healing Begins: Life After Ebola.”

We know too well how events like our civil war in the 90’s can actually define how you are know to the international world.  It is there for critical that we have a voice in how this history is written. We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far in engaging Sierra Leonean media-makers and community members to be a major part of this effort and have put together an ambitious production schedule through 2016.

I look forward to updating you all as we begin to share our accomplishments.

I recently uploaded a personal message about the importance of media participation that I would like to share:

As we near the end of the year I ask that you continue to support our efforts in Sierra Leone. You can do this by sharing this campaign with other who might consider a donation, increasing your donation to the project and by simply reaching out to members of our team with words of support.

With my deepest gratitude,

Arthur Pratt

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