A Message of Hope from Arthur Pratt

February 10, 2015    

December has been the worst month of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone so far, but amazingly there has been a wonderful spirit of collaboration in the streets of Freetown. This resiliency gives me confidence that Sierra Leone will soon find the optimism and hope that was so strong in the first few months of 2014. At WeOwnTV we are trying our best to participate in and continue to foster this positive environment through this trying time. New cases in Freetown (the capital city) have skyrocketed in the past few weeks. Hospitals remain ill-equipped, medical staff are too few, and the many heroic local and international workers and volunteers are exhausted.

In addition to continuing to produce our public health messaging WeOwnTV is participating in direct community sensitization during the ‘Western Surge’. Below are ways you can help us in supporting our work and in bringing hope to Sierra Leone and it’s neighbors.

Support WeOwnTV’s Ebola Public Health Campaign on Global Giving: globalgiving.org/projects/sierra-leone-ebola-campaign/

Please share our work with others! Click here to hear a message of hope from WeOwnTV manager Arthur Pratt: https://vimeo.com/114834130

Wishing you the very best for 2015!

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